Create a Marketing Plan You’ll Use — in 4 Simple Steps

Marketing Plans are much like Mission Statements -

“Free Shipping” by Guillaume Bolduc via Unsplash
“Free Shipping” by Guillaume Bolduc via Unsplash

Once they’ve been written and celebrated by the “C-Suite” they find themselves under a pile of folders in a drawer never to be heard from again…sadly, because it usually means that they don’t get executed either. This series of articles will help you gain clarity and purpose that’s baked right into your marketing so you can get more results from your efforts.

To get those results you’ll need to do a little foundation work before you start marketing.

You must define…

  • Who your customer is.
  • What that customer is looking to achieve.
  • How your product/service helps them achieve it.
  • Why someone should choose you over the other options.
  • What reservations keep that customer from buying.
  • Where these people spend their time.
  • Who your competition is.

Your marketing will be irresistible once you vocalize who you’re for, the problem they have, how you help them, and what makes you different.

Assignment #1: Brand Positioning Planner

As a business, you need to be able to vocalize who you are for, the problem they have, how you help them, and what makes you different — before you try to create marketing. This Brand Positioning Planner will help you document these foundational aspects for your business. We recommend using a tool like Google Workplace for this, and the subsequent exercises so you end up having everything in one convenient to reference place. First, open Google Drive and create a new folder called “Business Name Here Marketing Plan”. Within that folder create a new Google Doc and call it “Brand Positioning Planner” and spend some time answering the following questions (also should be pasted into the document so you know what you’re talking about later.

  • Who are our customers?: Be as descriptive as possible here — ages, genders, interests, hopes, dreams, goals…you get it.
  • What are they trying to achieve?
  • How does your product or service help them get there?
  • Why should they pick you over all the other options they have?
  • What reservations do they have about buying?
  • Where do these people spend their time?
  • Who are your competitors? List your direct competitors or anyone competing for your customer’s attention and dollars.

Everything moving forward in the next 3 lessons hinges on this assignment and just like everything else in the world, you get out of it what you put into in.

Don’t assume you know these and can skip this step. Take the time to answer the questions and establish (or re-establish) your brand positioning.

Feel free to get your team involved and spend some time really digging into these 7 questions and we’ll see you back here for the next step — We’ll show you a simple way to make setting SMART goals way easier than you thought possible.

In a few days I’ll be adding step 2 to this post. Please share your thoughts and feelings about it so far if you like.




Delivering tiny beautiful moments without expectation. Founder of The Wholesum Agency in Bend, Oregon -

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Mike Olarrea

Mike Olarrea

Delivering tiny beautiful moments without expectation. Founder of The Wholesum Agency in Bend, Oregon -

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